Water Craft 32 = maart-april 2002

Water Craft 32      =      maart-april 2002
ELECTRIC DAYSAILERS: In the USA, Kathy Mansfield sails our Tony Dias designed cover boat and Mike Hanyi reports from Finland on Venla, a home-built trailer-sailer. • RESTORATIONS: Judy Brickhill sails - and sculls - Tomboy, the restored gaff cutter which is her son Dale's home afloat. • PRACTICALITIES: Birch Plywood for Boatbuilding - Mike Hanyi's assessment; Electric Power - two new off-the-shelf systems; Building the Eddtide - Steve Graham continues his series on building a cruising yacht in steel; • A Boardy Tale - Bernard Patrick has second and third thoughts about centreboards • How Instant is the Instant Catboat? - Dick Phillips and his students at the Lyme Regis School of Boatbuilding find out for themselves. • WATER FRONT: Building with Water & Light: Pete Greenfield meets M J Long, architect of the new National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth. • PLUS: Grand Designs features Tom Dunderdale's Apple • Time & Tide features • Essex Smacks. • AND ALL OUR REGULAR FEATURES BUT NOT FORGETTING: Our Amateur Boatbuilding Competition at Boats on Show 2002, Penton Park, Chertsey - 16-19 May - see also www.boatsonshow.co.uk

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