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Water Craft 25 = januari-februari 2001

Living aboard a Morgan Giles in the Med + Sailing the Cove Boat + What it costs to build your own pocket gaffer + Gear for Gaffers: Blocks + Time & Tide: a different Dutch dayboat + Bring Boats & People Together: the Kees Pins story + Linnet & Bee: two recreational rowing skiffs you can build + Choosing & Using: Binoculars + The King Alfred Class: 3-masted Nigel Irens Expedition Boat + Building Romilly - 4 + And our mail-order catalogue of boatbuilding books

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Water Craft 26 = maart-april 2001

Clinker Classics: new traditional wooden boats from Wootten Bridge + Boating holidays in the USA: Maine windjammers & islands; New Your canals + Building a Buehler schooner + Painting Boadicea + Continuing boatbuilding craftsmanship at Norway's Hardanger Fartoyvernsenter + Building an Aleutian Baidarka + Building Romilly - 5: The precedence in the building + Sailing Alerion + Bright finishes on test + Classic motor boats on Fritton Lake

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Water Craft 27 = mei-juni 2001

Boating Holidays:on the River Thames in the UK and in the undiscovered Florida, USA • Colin Henwood's new Thames Launch • Building a traditional Orkney 3-sail yole • Sailing the Character Boats range • First stages of building the Sole Bay gaff cutter • Building Selway Fisher's Petite Brise • Grand Designs - Oughtred faering, Fisher steam launch plus reviews of the boats plans catalogues • Rowing the Virus yole • Building Romilly - 6: The Final Chapter • Save 25% on your Brittany Ferries fares to the new French festival: La Semaine du Golfe - toutes voiles dehors!

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Water Craft 28 = juli-augustus 2001

Sailing the North Quay 22 gaff-rigged pocket cruiser • Running on Rails: Danish designer Peer Brunn's Megin dinghy based on the hulls of Viking ships • Building Ebbtide 4: a cruising yacht in steel • Restoring Moorhen, a traditional Broads motor cruiser • Building the Sole Bay Gaffer - 2: a traditional-looking 20' Itchen Ferry cutter built using modern wood techniques • Hope in Ireland: the late John Kerr's own account of his last boating holiday, followed by tributes to this much-loved master boatbuilder & teacher • Sailing the Ha'penny: Alice Driscoll tries out an affordable & appealing family dayboat • Making Curved Coamings: from the USA Greg Rossel shows how to make the cockpit look classy • Varnishing: beautiful brightwork under a Mediterranean sun • Grand Designs: Swallow Boatworks design for sail & oar & Paul Gartside motorsailer • Time & Tide - at the Scottish Traditional Boat festival & the Thames Traditional Boat Rally

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Water Craft 30 = november-december 2001

SWEET LITTLE SIXTEENS: Three different dayboats small enough to build in the garage - Viking Maid, almost a Shetland One Design; Coquina II, a replica of Nat Herreshoff's own boat from Finland; The Islay Skiff, Selway-Fisher designed Scottish double-ender • NEW IN NORFOLK: The Womack Classic, a new Broads yacht from Colin Buttifant Boatbuilders & Harrier, a gentleman's river launch from the Native Yacht Company • HOUDINI: New Zealand designer John Welsford explains why he designed his sea-going dinghy & amateur builder Doug Jones describes how he built the first Houdini in the UK • PLUS: Boring the stern tube; drilling the most important hole in the boat • Grand Designs: Paul Fisher's pilot cutter & Phil Bolger's school schooner • Kathy Mansfield's photo album of Six Metres in action • Alan Bright rows the Mill Creek skiff from Fyne Boat Kits

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Water Craft 31 = januari-februari 2002

THAMES CRAFTMANSHIP: Designed by Andrew Wolstenholme, build by Henwood & Dean Boatbuilders, photographed by Kathy Mansfield - a new electric river launch for the new century. AND: What is a Whiff? A Whiff is a smaller version of the classic Thames rowing skiff, as custom furniture maker David Jones discovered - along with much more - when he built his first boat. • WATERFRONT: Not boat building but boat buildings. Did you see Channel 4's 'Grand Designs'? (can't think where they got that title!) Our special section features the creekside oak-framed 'barnhouse' of Devon architect Roderick James. AND: From the USA, an amateur - and professional - boatbuilder's dream: the ultimate boatshop. • PRACTICALITIES: Gear for Gaffers; for Moray MacPhail's marathon series, it's practically all over bar the sheeting. Going for Gold: Mike Hanyi makes a name for himself on Coquina's transom. Boring the Stern Tube: it's even more difficult when the boat's already been planked but Paul Janes shows you how. • PLUS: Judy Brickhall sails the new Kittiwake Yawl & the lug-rigged Cove Boat. Alan Bright rows and sails the Joel White designed Shearwater built on one of Julian Burn's amateur boatbuilding courses. AND: Grand Designs (we thought of it first!) - French designer Gilles Montaubin describes Lili, his innovative winner of 2001 Great Glen Raid. • NOT FORGETTING: Advance information on Boats on Show 2002 - see also - we'll see you there!

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Water Craft 32 = maart-april 2002

ELECTRIC DAYSAILERS: In the USA, Kathy Mansfield sails our Tony Dias designed cover boat and Mike Hanyi reports from Finland on Venla, a home-built trailer-sailer. • RESTORATIONS: Judy Brickhill sails - and sculls - Tomboy, the restored gaff cutter which is her son Dale's home afloat. • PRACTICALITIES: Birch Plywood for Boatbuilding - Mike Hanyi's assessment; Electric Power - two new off-the-shelf systems; Building the Eddtide - Steve Graham continues his series on building a cruising yacht in steel; • A Boardy Tale - Bernard Patrick has second and third thoughts about centreboards • How Instant is the Instant Catboat? - Dick Phillips and his students at the Lyme Regis School of Boatbuilding find out for themselves. • WATER FRONT: Building with Water & Light: Pete Greenfield meets M J Long, architect of the new National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth. • PLUS: Grand Designs features Tom Dunderdale's Apple • Time & Tide features • Essex Smacks. • AND ALL OUR REGULAR FEATURES BUT NOT FORGETTING: Our Amateur Boatbuilding Competition at Boats on Show 2002, Penton Park, Chertsey - 16-19 May - see also

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Water Craft 33 = mei-juni 2002

SPECIAL BOATS ON SHOW ISSUE with THE PICAROONER REVISITED: Judy Brickhill sails an affordable GRP family dayboat based a traditional working boat from Devon • BRINGING BACK THE CAT: They are in France where Kathy Mansfield discovered Plume, a modern entrant for the Great Glen Raid • THE AWFUL TRUTH: Surgeon Chris Waite tests the home-designed pocket cruiser he built on the beach in Oman • BETTER TO HAVE LOVED AND LOFT: Designer Paul Fisher creates a coble for himself • THE SECRET SUPERYACHT: In the depths of winter, Kathy Mansfield takes to the Thames in a beautifully built electric saloon launch • LAUNCH OF A LONGSHIP: Susanne Altenburger of Phil Bolger & Friends finds a Viking longship built in Germany - to a Bolger design • HAND-SPLICED STANDING RIGGING: Colin Stroud does it himself • LEARNING AT LYME REGIS: Geoff Douglas takes a short course in yacht restoration • GRAND DESIGNS: They're all at it: Andrew Wolstenholme in Norfolk and Paul Gartside in Canada also design boats for themselves... • AND ALL OUR REGULAR FEATURES PLUS: Our preview of the boats, gear and people you'll see at BOATS ON SHOW 2002, Penton Park, Chertsey, 16-19 May - see also WE'LL SEE YOU THERE!

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Water Craft 34 = juli-augustus 2002

SAILING THE NORTH QUAY 30: Judy Brickhill goes east - well, to Kent - to try out a gaff cutter for serious yet comfortable cruising • THE SCOTTISH ISLAND CLASS: Kathy Mansfield reports on the resurgence of a classic cruiser-racer • THE LOWDOWN ON THE FRENCH CANALS: Robin Benjamin gives the view from the deck of his 24' (7.3m) sailing liveaboard • TRAIL & SAIL: In the first of a new series on delightful destinations, Chris Vincent-Bennett shares the pleasures of Pin Mill • SAILING THE SWALE PILOT: Meanwhile, back in Kent, we sent our Judy to sail JEP's affordable and practical family dayboat but she couldn't resist their little lugger too • BOATBUILDING SUMMERS: It took Fred Carr-Smith seven of them to complete his 24' (7.3m) Laurent Giles motor cruiser • GEAR REVIEWS & REPORTS: David Parker builds a Rapide boat trailer from a kit • GRAND DESIGNS: How Iain Oughtred re-thought his popular Ness Yawl and invented the gunter rig and Phil Bolger created a simple but shapely water-ballasted sharpie • WATERFRONT: What do you get when you cross a ferry, a washing machine, a bus, an ambulance, a Hawker Harrier jet .......? • PLUS BOATS ON SHOW IN PICTURES • AND OUR AMATEUR BOATBUILDING AWARDS WINNERS • AND ALL OUR REGULAR FEATURES

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Water Craft 35 = september-oktober 2002

THE 3rd GREAT GLEN RAID: Raiders of the Lost Arts - Kathy Mansfield's photo-feature captures the action and the atmosphere of this competitive cruise in company; Mokka - the first of a series of studies of competing craft in the GGR; Locks, Lochs and Two Crews of Teachers - John Barker on what it's like to compete. • TWO MODERN LUGGERS: Build Romilly from a Kit - Steve Graham meets the home builders; Sailing St Valery - In the USA, Dan Segal tries out the prototype of Phil Bolger's water-ballasted lugger. • RE-DISCOVERING SAILING CANOES - How trans-Atlantic can you get? - In the US, Meade Gougeon & Hugh Horton have interpreted the sailing canoes of the British adventurer Rob Roy MacGregor, while the UK, Jeremy Burnett built & Judy Brickhill sailed his replica of American pioneer Henry Rushton's Princess. • PLUS: TRAIL & SAIL: Chris Vincent-Bennett visits Buckler's Hard * • BACKYARD BOATSHOP: A proper boatbuilder's bandsaw * GRAND DESIGNS: The Designer Monologues continue with Andrew Wolstenholme on his new Broads yacht & Paul Fisher on his fleet of sailing canoe designs. • PLUS OLD-ISH FAVOURITES AT THE SOUTHAMPTON BOAT SHOW AND ALL OUR REGULAR FEATURES

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Water Craft 36 = november-december 2002

SAILING: BRENDAN: Did you see her at the Southampton Boat Show? Kathy Mansfield sails the new Dutch-built double-ended cat yawl which combines several influences to create a distinctive pocket cruiser. • RAID FINLAND: Mike Hanyi organised his own cruise-in-company under sail and oar. • A BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP: Adrian Edmondson was so taken with these American classics, he had one built overthere and shipped over here. Judy Brickhill sailed her on the best day of the summer. • BOATBUILDING: BUILDING the EBBTIDE: Our amateur builders, Steve and Annette Graham, plate up the sides of the keel of their steel cruising yacht. • THE FAERING IN THE FRONT ROOM: Winner of this year's Amateur Boatbuilding Awards, Paul Bentley took that phrase 'home building' quite literally. • TIRZA'S DREAM: Don Martin tells the story of a Dutch girl who went to Venice to study gondolas, came back, built one and now 'plies for hire' on the canals of Amsterdam. • DISTRACTIONS: DOWNTIME IN DOUARNENEZ: Emily Mansfield takes her mind off her impending exam results. PLUS: TRAIL & • SAIL: Chris Vincent-Bennett visits Europe's largest manmade lake • BACKYARD BOATSHOP: boatbuilding from the grind up GRAND DESIGNS: Phil Bolger's low-power motor cruiser & John Welsford's smallest cruising boat... AND ALL OUR REGULAR FEATURES

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