Water Craft 33 = mei-juni 2002

Water Craft 33      =      mei-juni 2002
SPECIAL BOATS ON SHOW ISSUE with THE PICAROONER REVISITED: Judy Brickhill sails an affordable GRP family dayboat based a traditional working boat from Devon • BRINGING BACK THE CAT: They are in France where Kathy Mansfield discovered Plume, a modern entrant for the Great Glen Raid • THE AWFUL TRUTH: Surgeon Chris Waite tests the home-designed pocket cruiser he built on the beach in Oman • BETTER TO HAVE LOVED AND LOFT: Designer Paul Fisher creates a coble for himself • THE SECRET SUPERYACHT: In the depths of winter, Kathy Mansfield takes to the Thames in a beautifully built electric saloon launch • LAUNCH OF A LONGSHIP: Susanne Altenburger of Phil Bolger & Friends finds a Viking longship built in Germany - to a Bolger design • HAND-SPLICED STANDING RIGGING: Colin Stroud does it himself • LEARNING AT LYME REGIS: Geoff Douglas takes a short course in yacht restoration • GRAND DESIGNS: They're all at it: Andrew Wolstenholme in Norfolk and Paul Gartside in Canada also design boats for themselves... • AND ALL OUR REGULAR FEATURES PLUS: Our preview of the boats, gear and people you'll see at BOATS ON SHOW 2002, Penton Park, Chertsey, 16-19 May - see also www.boatsonshow.co.uk WE'LL SEE YOU THERE!

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