Water Craft 34 = juli-augustus 2002

Water Craft 34      =      juli-augustus 2002
SAILING THE NORTH QUAY 30: Judy Brickhill goes east - well, to Kent - to try out a gaff cutter for serious yet comfortable cruising • THE SCOTTISH ISLAND CLASS: Kathy Mansfield reports on the resurgence of a classic cruiser-racer • THE LOWDOWN ON THE FRENCH CANALS: Robin Benjamin gives the view from the deck of his 24' (7.3m) sailing liveaboard • TRAIL & SAIL: In the first of a new series on delightful destinations, Chris Vincent-Bennett shares the pleasures of Pin Mill • SAILING THE SWALE PILOT: Meanwhile, back in Kent, we sent our Judy to sail JEP's affordable and practical family dayboat but she couldn't resist their little lugger too • BOATBUILDING SUMMERS: It took Fred Carr-Smith seven of them to complete his 24' (7.3m) Laurent Giles motor cruiser • GEAR REVIEWS & REPORTS: David Parker builds a Rapide boat trailer from a kit • GRAND DESIGNS: How Iain Oughtred re-thought his popular Ness Yawl and invented the gunter rig and Phil Bolger created a simple but shapely water-ballasted sharpie • WATERFRONT: What do you get when you cross a ferry, a washing machine, a bus, an ambulance, a Hawker Harrier jet .......? • PLUS BOATS ON SHOW IN PICTURES • AND OUR AMATEUR BOATBUILDING AWARDS WINNERS • AND ALL OUR REGULAR FEATURES

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