Water Craft 35 = september-oktober 2002

Water Craft 35      =      september-oktober 2002
THE 3rd GREAT GLEN RAID: Raiders of the Lost Arts - Kathy Mansfield's photo-feature captures the action and the atmosphere of this competitive cruise in company; Mokka - the first of a series of studies of competing craft in the GGR; Locks, Lochs and Two Crews of Teachers - John Barker on what it's like to compete. • TWO MODERN LUGGERS: Build Romilly from a Kit - Steve Graham meets the home builders; Sailing St Valery - In the USA, Dan Segal tries out the prototype of Phil Bolger's water-ballasted lugger. • RE-DISCOVERING SAILING CANOES - How trans-Atlantic can you get? - In the US, Meade Gougeon & Hugh Horton have interpreted the sailing canoes of the British adventurer Rob Roy MacGregor, while the UK, Jeremy Burnett built & Judy Brickhill sailed his replica of American pioneer Henry Rushton's Princess. • PLUS: TRAIL & SAIL: Chris Vincent-Bennett visits Buckler's Hard * • BACKYARD BOATSHOP: A proper boatbuilder's bandsaw * GRAND DESIGNS: The Designer Monologues continue with Andrew Wolstenholme on his new Broads yacht & Paul Fisher on his fleet of sailing canoe designs. • PLUS OLD-ISH FAVOURITES AT THE SOUTHAMPTON BOAT SHOW AND ALL OUR REGULAR FEATURES

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