Water Craft 36 = november-december 2002

Water Craft 36      =      november-december 2002
SAILING: BRENDAN: Did you see her at the Southampton Boat Show? Kathy Mansfield sails the new Dutch-built double-ended cat yawl which combines several influences to create a distinctive pocket cruiser. • RAID FINLAND: Mike Hanyi organised his own cruise-in-company under sail and oar. • A BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP: Adrian Edmondson was so taken with these American classics, he had one built overthere and shipped over here. Judy Brickhill sailed her on the best day of the summer. • BOATBUILDING: BUILDING the EBBTIDE: Our amateur builders, Steve and Annette Graham, plate up the sides of the keel of their steel cruising yacht. • THE FAERING IN THE FRONT ROOM: Winner of this year's Amateur Boatbuilding Awards, Paul Bentley took that phrase 'home building' quite literally. • TIRZA'S DREAM: Don Martin tells the story of a Dutch girl who went to Venice to study gondolas, came back, built one and now 'plies for hire' on the canals of Amsterdam. • DISTRACTIONS: DOWNTIME IN DOUARNENEZ: Emily Mansfield takes her mind off her impending exam results. PLUS: TRAIL & • SAIL: Chris Vincent-Bennett visits Europe's largest manmade lake • BACKYARD BOATSHOP: boatbuilding from the grind up GRAND DESIGNS: Phil Bolger's low-power motor cruiser & John Welsford's smallest cruising boat... AND ALL OUR REGULAR FEATURES

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