Water Craft 37 = januari-februari 2003

Water Craft 37      =      januari-februari 2003
THE FIRST SUBMARINE: When do you think the first sub appeared on the water or disappeared under it? The Victorian era? Not so, it seems. In 1621,Dutchman Cornelius Drebbel had one built in London ­ clinker-planked and powered by 12 oarsmen ­ which disappeared beneath the Thames at Westminster and reappeared 3 hours later at Greenwich! 400 years later, ooden boat craftsman Mark Edwards was commissioned to built a working replica for the BBC tv programme "Build the Impossible" ­ Kathy Mansfield tells the full story of The Drebbel. plus • THE CORNISH SHRIMPER REVISITED: What makes her the best-selling pocket gaffer? Judy Brickhill finds out & • ROCK CHECKS: What to know before you trail west to this popular ­ and posh ­ sailing destination KARLI¹S HAVEN: How a social worker in Finland built her first wooden boat ­ choosing one of the hardest designs around • A LAZY MAN's BOAT: Designing & building a ballasted sailing canoe •: CRUISING DOWN THE RIVER: in an elegant electric launch from Bossoms Boatyard CORACLES IN WALES: The oldest type of working boat still working • CARBON SPARS: Catching on in traditional boats, says Moray MacPhail. And in our regular features GRAND DESIGNS: A new daysailer from Antonio Dias and classic cruising yacht designs from Yachting Monthly & BOATS: Two new spring boat shows GEAR: In praise of Palm Sanders • TIME & TIDE: Lateen rigs in France; Smacks in Maldon... And finally • THE NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM CORNWALL OPENS AT LAST!

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