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Water Craft 37 = januari-februari 2003

THE FIRST SUBMARINE: When do you think the first sub appeared on the water or disappeared under it? The Victorian era? Not so, it seems. In 1621,Dutchman Cornelius Drebbel had one built in London ­ clinker-planked and powered by 12 oarsmen ­ which disappeared beneath the Thames at Westminster and reappeared 3 hours later at Greenwich! 400 years later, ooden boat craftsman Mark Edwards was commissioned to built a working replica for the BBC tv programme "Build the Impossible" ­ Kathy Mansfield tells the full story of The Drebbel. plus • THE CORNISH SHRIMPER REVISITED: What makes her the best-selling pocket gaffer? Judy Brickhill finds out & • ROCK CHECKS: What to know before you trail west to this popular ­ and posh ­ sailing destination KARLI¹S HAVEN: How a social worker in Finland built her first wooden boat ­ choosing one of the hardest designs around • A LAZY MAN's BOAT: Designing & building a ballasted sailing canoe •: CRUISING DOWN THE RIVER: in an elegant electric launch from Bossoms Boatyard CORACLES IN WALES: The oldest type of working boat still working • CARBON SPARS: Catching on in traditional boats, says Moray MacPhail. And in our regular features GRAND DESIGNS: A new daysailer from Antonio Dias and classic cruising yacht designs from Yachting Monthly & BOATS: Two new spring boat shows GEAR: In praise of Palm Sanders • TIME & TIDE: Lateen rigs in France; Smacks in Maldon... And finally • THE NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM CORNWALL OPENS AT LAST!

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Water Craft 38 = maart-april 2003

WHO SAYS THEY CAN¹T BUILD EM LIKE THAT ANY MORE? SEE OUR CELEBRATION OF WOODEN BOAT CRAFTSMANSHIP with Do you want a new wooden boat or work done on your old one? You¹ll need to MEET THE CRAFTSMEN in our guide to the accredited members of the Wooden Boatbuilders Trade Association ARCTIC TERN ­ she¹s a dayboat but is she traditional or modern? Kathy Mansfield finds out BUILDING A TRADITIONAL CLINKER DINGHY ­ amateur boatbuilder Colin Galloway really tests his joinery skills OFF THE BEACH is how they sail the traditional luggers of Beer inDevon, so that¹s how Judy Brickhill did it when she test-sailed Adrian Noyes¹ new build CUSTOM CRAFTSMANSHIP IN MINIATURE ­ Steve Graham meets maritime modelmaker and historian, Malcolm Darch What¹s that up in the air? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? At the NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM CORNWALL it¹s a boat plus GRAND DESIGNS featuring Ian Oughtred¹s new Egret-style sharpie and Stevenson Projects¹ Friendship-style pocket cruiser, the Weekender

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Water Craft 39 = mei-juni 2003

THE 2003 SEASON STARTS WITH TWO NEW BOAT SHOWS ­ Boats on Show, Chertsey, 16-18 May and the Beale Park Boat Show, Pangbourne, 6-8 June ­ both withtheir own lakes where you can try out canoes, rowing skiffs, sailing craft, river launches, electric boats... And at the Beale Park Show, real wooden boatbuilding craftsmanship, professional and amateur with the entries in Water Craft¹s own Amateur Boatbuilding Awards on display ­ and maybe even on the water.PLUS BOATS FROM THE BLUE ­ Sailing a family dayboat from the Isles of Scilly THE BOAT IN THE FAMILY ­ Not much restoration needed with a classic McGruer 8-Metre SEVERN SALMON BOATS ­ How rescuing one forgotten working boat started a fleet JACK TAR ­ Building an American-designed trawler yacht in Britain BUILDING A CANADIAN CANOE ­ If you have not built a boat before, make it easy on yourself THE HITCH-HIKER¹S GUIDE TO THE VOLGA ­ Dories were designed to sit on ship¹s decks; even the massive barges of the Moscow canal THE BUOYANCY TEST ­ How stable is the Suffolk Beach Punt? SAILING MISS SIMPLETTE ­ Crossing to Estonia in a modern interpretation of a Chesapeake Skipjack-style dayboat and in LIVING DREAMS, we pay our tribute to her colourful French designer, Daniel Z Bombigher who sadly passed away earlier this year. Plus GRAND DESIGNS featuring Phil Bolger¹s re-think of Thomas Fleming Day¹s famous Sea Bird yawl and Paul Fisher¹s new steam launch for open New Zealand waters

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Water Craft 40 = juli-augustus 2003

BOATBUILDING CRAFTSMANSHIP ON THE THAMES ­ Consuta, one of the river's fastest umpire launches is fully restored and in steam again... And we preview the 26th Thames Traditional Boat Rally at Fawley Meadows, Henley, 19-20 July ­ PLUS PHOTOGRAPHING BOATS ­ She's as pretty as a picture but how pretty are your pictures? How to take them and how to send them ­ even didge ­ to Water Craft THE OYSTER IS THEIR WORLD ­ Judy Brickhill assesses the beautifully-built GRP dayboat SAIL CALEDONIA ­ What the 'raiders' did when they returned to the Great Glen MUDLARK'S GHOSTS ­ Restoring a Fenwick Williams version of L Francis Herreshoff's classic sharpie Meadowlark BUILDING A CELTIC LUGGER ­ We didn't know Alice Mary would win Water Craft's annual Amateur Boatbuilding Awards when we asked designer/builder David Platten to describe in detail how he did it 'EPOXY FOR BEGINNERS ­ If you think amine blush is the first symptom of the male menopause, you really do need to read David Parker's new series 'GEAR FOR THE GOLANT GAFFER ­ How Mark Corke fitted out his popular home-built pocket cruiser 'WHY NOT BUILD ONE? ­ Concluding the story of building an American-designed trawler yacht in Britain DESIGNING SMALL BOATS ­ Ian Nicolson begins a new series for amateur designers who don't have a computer! And GRAND DESIGNS featuring James Wharram's latest ethnic double canoe LORD, DIDN'T IT RAIN! ­ A two-pager on Boats on Show, the first of the year's spring boat shows (we'll have the Beale Park Show in W41) GEAR, BOOKS, CALENDAR ...

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Water Craft 41 = september-oktober 2003

WHAT THE LOCALS SAIL Alice Driscoll arrives at the Beale Park Boat Show to sail the latest version of the Lymington Scow and immediately the sun disappears, the clouds gather and the wind picks up... Judy Brickhill ventures to north Norfolk to discover the Stiffkey Cockle, a dayboat so popular, so practical and so well priced there¹s a 2-year waiting listPLUSFRIENDS OF REAL BOATS REUNITED Old friends and new boats gather once again at Beale Park and the weather¹s great until Water Craft decides to do a boat test € also at Beale: WATER CRAFT¹S AMATEUR BOATBUILDING AWARDS € la SEMAINE du GOLFE Kathy Mansfield has the pictures and Moray MacPhail has the story € THE DEVON LUGGER Reader Chris Finch gives his verdict after his first year of ownership € BUILDING A CELTIC LUGGER 2 No-one was surprised when Alice-Mary won our top prize at Beale; home designer/builder David Platten describes the fit-out € CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE BOATBUILDING KIND Ian Sharpe¹s garden workshop was plenty big enough for making model boats but then he decided to build a Whilly Boat in 1:1 scale € EPOXY FOR BEGINNERS David Parker continues his series on everything you wanted to know about epoxy but were too stuck up to ask € DESIGNING SMALL BOATS Ian Nicolson¹s series for amateur designers who don¹t have a computer

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Water Craft 42 = november-december 2003

Altenberger of Phil Bolger & Friends Inc uses US case studies to describe doing it the easy way + THE LAZY MAN'S WAY TO BUILD BOATS: While in Moscow, Mikhail Markov built boats alone ­ until his friends told him to share the satisfaction + THE FLEET'S ALL HERE: At King Alfred School in London + YES, YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN BOAT ­ Four full length features to provide inspiration for backyard boatbuilding: + DO-ABILITY: Susanne , pupils, parents & teachers wanted to help Boatbuilder in Residence, John Barker, build 3 Expedition Boats +  LOCATION, LOCATION... Steve Graham on where to build your own boat when you've nowhere to build your own boat. PLUS RAIDERS OF THE FAR NORTH ­ Kathy Mansfield  reports on the Blekinge Raid in Sweden & Mike Hanyi describes Raid Finland 2003  + I'VE STARTED SO I'LL FINISH  ­ over 4 enjoyable years, GP Andrew Wright spent his spare time building a pocket classic designed by Paul Gartside... and then Judy Brickhill took her sailing + DOES MY BOTTOM LOOK BIG IN THIS What lays beneath Bernard Patrick's pocket gaffer Molly Cobbler + EPOXY FOR BEGINNERS David Parker organises a bonding session + DESIGNING SMALL BOATS Ian Nicolson's series for amateur designers who don't have a computer.

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Water Craft 43 = januari-februari 2004

LUNA ECLIPSED: Kathy Mansfield reports on Tom Moore's Moonshadow, a new Norfolk Broads cruiser-racer which out-shines Luna, his grandfather's old boat and in NORMAL FOR NORFOLK, Kathy photographs the classic craft in the Yare Navigation Race with which Moonshadow competes + COOL FOR KITS: Boats you can build at home do not have to be unsightly boxes; we look at the svelte sail and oar Swallowboats range +  BUILDING A CELTIC LUGGER - 3: David Platten describes the final stages of building of his award-winning daysailer and in SAILING ALICE MARY, he then invites Judy Brickhill to test sail her +  FROM KAYAKS TO KIT BOATS: Our Man in Maine, Greg Rossel, makes a welome return to Water Craft with a thoughtful study of the legacy of the first backyard boats +  NICE BOAT; SHAME ABOUT THE ENGINE: Professional wooden boat builder Adrian Noyes explains how he fitted a new Yanmar diesel in his own Maurice Griffiths classic cruising yacht

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Water Craft 44 = maart-april 2004

Le NOUVELLE VAGUE des BATEAUX TRADITIONNELS: Naval architect Francois Vivier designs small boats for modern wood construction which capture the spirit of traditional Breton workboats, says Charles Payton + The RAIDER FROM THE NORTH: How Sigbjorn Windingstad sailed and rowed his old Norlandbat into a very respectable 2nd place at Sail Caledonia 2003 + STEAM DREAMS: A Lakeland steam launch rebuilt ­ beautifully ­ for the Thames by Peter Freebody & Co; David Parker makes a working steamboat model in the winter evenings + the AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF AN AMATEUR BOATBUILDER: Wolf Huber from Munich entered Water Craft's Amateur Boatbuilding Awards with his minimalist yet elegant little skiff; here are some he built earlier + Kathy Mansfield meets Sandy Macdonald who builds traditional Scottish ZULUS FOR TODAY and in Grand Designs, Paul Gartside creates an Expedition Boat for an inland voyage.

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Water Craft 45 = mei-juni 2004

ON THE WATER...THE BEALE PARK BOAT SHOW Our preview of the spring show for small boats beside the Thames at Pangbourne, 11-13 June + NOT ALL CATS HATE THE WATER: Judy Brickhill sails the Wharram Tiki 21 +  A CHANGE OF PLACE AND PACE for Ullapool Boatbuilders; Kathy Mansfield has their story +  SJEKTES AND THE CITY: How boating writer Adrian Morgan left London to build Norwegian double-enders in Scotland +  SWEDISH PILOT BOATS: More double-enders, this time sprit-rigged contenders in the summer's sail & oar Raids.ON THE STOCKS...THE CLASS OF 2004 are laying the keels of fresh careers at the Boatbuilding Academy, Lyme Regis, says Steve Graham +  BACK TO THE BASICS of boatbuilding: Henry Lenham builds a skin-on-frame Umiak +  BUILDING THE SAILING CANOE SARA: Richard Powell's modern interpretation of the late Victorian canoe yawl +  EPOXY FOR BEGINNERS: Two, four, six, eight, laminate... says David Parker

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Water Craft 46 = juli-augustus 2004

WAY OUT WEST! TO THE EXOTIC ISLES OF SCILLY where Annabel Lee and the Coverack Ladies B crew took part in the World Pilot Gig Championships + TO THE NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM CORNWALL where Petra Greenhalgh visits the new exhibition to celebrate Olympian achievements afloat + TO CAPE COD USA where Kathy Mansfield sails the Tony Dias-designed Arey's Pond Daysailer and previews this year¹s WoodenBoat Show + TO MYSTIC SEAPORT USA where Ships Plans curator Maria Bernier introduces a handful of their hundreds of small boat designs. MEANWHILE, BACK EAST, WE DISCOVER... THE WORLD OF THE LOBSTER; Ron Valent sails a new dayboat supplied in kit form + HOW TO BUILD THE COOT; Joe Rielly constructs the clinker plywood Andrew Wolstenholme cat-rigged dinghy + SALTERNS BOATBUILDERS TELA, a sprightly gaff sloop sailed by Judy Brickhill + ALL ABOUT EPOXIES: David Parker and SP's Martin Armstrong finish the have more answers than you have questions. NOT FORGETTING... TWO NEW GRAND DESIGNS from New Zealand designer John Welsford and how to create your own grand design with Ian Nicolson

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Water Craft 47 = september-oktober 2004

+ SAIL CALEDONIA 2004 ­ As ever, Kathy Mansfield comes back with some magnificent pictures of the competitive cruise in company under sail and oar and in HOW DOES LE SEIL SAIL+ Mike Hanyi describes what he calls the ideal Raid boat. + WE WERE ALL THERE BUT WHERE WERE YOU+ A trio of articles to show you what you missed at this spring's BEALE PARK BOAT SHOW + Not forgetting Water Craft¹s own AMATEUR BOATBUILDING AWARDS + And in A PROPER SWALLOWS & AMAZONS BOAT, this year's First Prize winner Jon Whetstone explains how he did it. + NEVER MIND, THE SOUTHAMPTON BOAT SHOW STARTS 10 SEPTEMBER. We show you where to find Water Craft's advertisers and have test reports on two showboats ­ the NORTH QUAY 19 and the new Character Boats' POST BOAT. + MEANWHILE, GETTING AWAY FROM ALL THIS GLAMOUR... David Parker starts a new series on TRAILING & SAILING, Water Craft's art editor Peter Goad starts a new series on BUILDING THE CAPE HENRY 21 and editor Pete Greenfield starts a new series on... + NOT FORGETTING...A GRAND DESIGN for an ocean-voyaging junk-rigged pocket cruiser from Selway Fisher designs, the LOWESTOFT YOLE built by two boatbuilding students and a Pro-Am confrontation of jigssaws in GEAR

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Water Craft 48 = november-december 2004

BREST & DOUARNENEZ ­ Kathy and Emily Mansfield report from the two great French festivals of traditional sail and more besides. THE BOAT IN A BAG ­ It may be a boat you can take to bed with you, as claimed but it presents our intrepid interviewer Alive Driscoll with a rare challenge. BUILDING LUCY ­ How amateur boatbuilder Nick Hanbury built the Swallow dayboat which won not one but two awards at this year's Beale Park Boat Show. TURNING THE TIDE - Kathy Mansfield reports from the Outer Hebrides on the Grimsay Boat Project which has given fresh impetus to traditional boatbuilding. ATLANTIC CHALLENGE 2004 - Water Craft's tame gig rower Annabel Lee reports on the biennial gathering of even bigger gigs. RAID FINLAND 2004 - Unlike the big festivals, 'Raids' for small boats are family-size events but they're just as international. From Moscow, Mikhail Markov and his sons sailed and rowed with crews from all round Europe. TRAILING & SAILING - The boat trailer is a vehicle you don't use every day, which makes a proper maintenance regime more important. Fortunately, David Parker is on the ball. And on the chassis. And on... BUILDING CAPE HENRY 21 - More dangly bits. This time: the centreboard. DESIGN YOUR BOAT with Ian Nicolson on a round-bilge rowing boat. GRAND DESIGNS - Andrew Wolstenholme's new steam launch ...

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