Water Craft 39 = mei-juni 2003

Water Craft 39      =      mei-juni 2003
THE 2003 SEASON STARTS WITH TWO NEW BOAT SHOWS ­ Boats on Show, Chertsey, 16-18 May and the Beale Park Boat Show, Pangbourne, 6-8 June ­ both withtheir own lakes where you can try out canoes, rowing skiffs, sailing craft, river launches, electric boats... And at the Beale Park Show, real wooden boatbuilding craftsmanship, professional and amateur with the entries in Water Craft¹s own Amateur Boatbuilding Awards on display ­ and maybe even on the water.PLUS BOATS FROM THE BLUE ­ Sailing a family dayboat from the Isles of Scilly THE BOAT IN THE FAMILY ­ Not much restoration needed with a classic McGruer 8-Metre SEVERN SALMON BOATS ­ How rescuing one forgotten working boat started a fleet JACK TAR ­ Building an American-designed trawler yacht in Britain BUILDING A CANADIAN CANOE ­ If you have not built a boat before, make it easy on yourself THE HITCH-HIKER¹S GUIDE TO THE VOLGA ­ Dories were designed to sit on ship¹s decks; even the massive barges of the Moscow canal THE BUOYANCY TEST ­ How stable is the Suffolk Beach Punt? SAILING MISS SIMPLETTE ­ Crossing to Estonia in a modern interpretation of a Chesapeake Skipjack-style dayboat and in LIVING DREAMS, we pay our tribute to her colourful French designer, Daniel Z Bombigher who sadly passed away earlier this year. Plus GRAND DESIGNS featuring Phil Bolger¹s re-think of Thomas Fleming Day¹s famous Sea Bird yawl and Paul Fisher¹s new steam launch for open New Zealand waters

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