Water Craft 40 = juli-augustus 2003

Water Craft 40      =      juli-augustus 2003
BOATBUILDING CRAFTSMANSHIP ON THE THAMES ­ Consuta, one of the river's fastest umpire launches is fully restored and in steam again... And we preview the 26th Thames Traditional Boat Rally at Fawley Meadows, Henley, 19-20 July ­ PLUS PHOTOGRAPHING BOATS ­ She's as pretty as a picture but how pretty are your pictures? How to take them and how to send them ­ even didge ­ to Water Craft THE OYSTER IS THEIR WORLD ­ Judy Brickhill assesses the beautifully-built GRP dayboat SAIL CALEDONIA ­ What the 'raiders' did when they returned to the Great Glen MUDLARK'S GHOSTS ­ Restoring a Fenwick Williams version of L Francis Herreshoff's classic sharpie Meadowlark BUILDING A CELTIC LUGGER ­ We didn't know Alice Mary would win Water Craft's annual Amateur Boatbuilding Awards when we asked designer/builder David Platten to describe in detail how he did it 'EPOXY FOR BEGINNERS ­ If you think amine blush is the first symptom of the male menopause, you really do need to read David Parker's new series 'GEAR FOR THE GOLANT GAFFER ­ How Mark Corke fitted out his popular home-built pocket cruiser 'WHY NOT BUILD ONE? ­ Concluding the story of building an American-designed trawler yacht in Britain DESIGNING SMALL BOATS ­ Ian Nicolson begins a new series for amateur designers who don't have a computer! And GRAND DESIGNS featuring James Wharram's latest ethnic double canoe LORD, DIDN'T IT RAIN! ­ A two-pager on Boats on Show, the first of the year's spring boat shows (we'll have the Beale Park Show in W41) GEAR, BOOKS, CALENDAR ...

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