Water Craft 41 = september-oktober 2003

Water Craft 41      =      september-oktober 2003
WHAT THE LOCALS SAIL Alice Driscoll arrives at the Beale Park Boat Show to sail the latest version of the Lymington Scow and immediately the sun disappears, the clouds gather and the wind picks up... Judy Brickhill ventures to north Norfolk to discover the Stiffkey Cockle, a dayboat so popular, so practical and so well priced there¹s a 2-year waiting listPLUSFRIENDS OF REAL BOATS REUNITED Old friends and new boats gather once again at Beale Park and the weather¹s great until Water Craft decides to do a boat test € also at Beale: WATER CRAFT¹S AMATEUR BOATBUILDING AWARDS € la SEMAINE du GOLFE Kathy Mansfield has the pictures and Moray MacPhail has the story € THE DEVON LUGGER Reader Chris Finch gives his verdict after his first year of ownership € BUILDING A CELTIC LUGGER 2 No-one was surprised when Alice-Mary won our top prize at Beale; home designer/builder David Platten describes the fit-out € CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE BOATBUILDING KIND Ian Sharpe¹s garden workshop was plenty big enough for making model boats but then he decided to build a Whilly Boat in 1:1 scale € EPOXY FOR BEGINNERS David Parker continues his series on everything you wanted to know about epoxy but were too stuck up to ask € DESIGNING SMALL BOATS Ian Nicolson¹s series for amateur designers who don¹t have a computer

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