Water Craft 42 = november-december 2003

Water Craft 42      =      november-december 2003
Altenberger of Phil Bolger & Friends Inc uses US case studies to describe doing it the easy way + THE LAZY MAN'S WAY TO BUILD BOATS: While in Moscow, Mikhail Markov built boats alone ­ until his friends told him to share the satisfaction + THE FLEET'S ALL HERE: At King Alfred School in London + YES, YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN BOAT ­ Four full length features to provide inspiration for backyard boatbuilding: + DO-ABILITY: Susanne , pupils, parents & teachers wanted to help Boatbuilder in Residence, John Barker, build 3 Expedition Boats +  LOCATION, LOCATION... Steve Graham on where to build your own boat when you've nowhere to build your own boat. PLUS RAIDERS OF THE FAR NORTH ­ Kathy Mansfield  reports on the Blekinge Raid in Sweden & Mike Hanyi describes Raid Finland 2003  + I'VE STARTED SO I'LL FINISH  ­ over 4 enjoyable years, GP Andrew Wright spent his spare time building a pocket classic designed by Paul Gartside... and then Judy Brickhill took her sailing + DOES MY BOTTOM LOOK BIG IN THIS What lays beneath Bernard Patrick's pocket gaffer Molly Cobbler + EPOXY FOR BEGINNERS David Parker organises a bonding session + DESIGNING SMALL BOATS Ian Nicolson's series for amateur designers who don't have a computer.

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