Water Craft 44 = maart-april 2004

Water Craft 44      =      maart-april 2004
le NOUVELLE VAGUE des BATEAUX TRADITIONNELS: Naval architect Francois Vivier designs small boats for modern wood construction which capture the spirit of traditional Breton workboats, says Charles Payton + The RAIDER FROM THE NORTH: How Sigbjorn Windingstad sailed and rowed his old Norlandbat into a very respectable 2nd place at Sail Caledonia 2003 + STEAM DREAMS: A Lakeland steam launch rebuilt ­ beautifully ­ for the Thames by Peter Freebody & Co; David Parker makes a working steamboat model in the winter evenings + the AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF AN AMATEUR BOATBUILDER: Wolf Huber from Munich entered Water Craft's Amateur Boatbuilding Awards with his minimalist yet elegant little skiff; here are some he built earlier + Kathy Mansfield meets Sandy Macdonald who builds traditional Scottish ZULUS FOR TODAY and in Grand Designs, Paul Gartside creates an Expedition Boat for an inland voyage.

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