Water Craft 45 = mei-juni 2004

Water Craft 45      =      mei-juni 2004
ON THE WATER...THE BEALE PARK BOAT SHOW Our preview of the spring show for small boats beside the Thames at Pangbourne, 11-13 June + NOT ALL CATS HATE THE WATER: Judy Brickhill sails the Wharram Tiki 21 +  A CHANGE OF PLACE AND PACE for Ullapool Boatbuilders; Kathy Mansfield has their story +  SJEKTES AND THE CITY: How boating writer Adrian Morgan left London to build Norwegian double-enders in Scotland +  SWEDISH PILOT BOATS: More double-enders, this time sprit-rigged contenders in the summer's sail & oar Raids.ON THE STOCKS...THE CLASS OF 2004 are laying the keels of fresh careers at the Boatbuilding Academy, Lyme Regis, says Steve Graham +  BACK TO THE BASICS of boatbuilding: Henry Lenham builds a skin-on-frame Umiak +  BUILDING THE SAILING CANOE SARA: Richard Powell's modern interpretation of the late Victorian canoe yawl +  EPOXY FOR BEGINNERS: Two, four, six, eight, laminate... says David Parker

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