Water Craft 46 = juli-augustus 2004

Water Craft 46      =      juli-augustus 2004
WAY OUT WEST! TO THE EXOTIC ISLES OF SCILLY where Annabel Lee and the Coverack Ladies B crew took part in the World Pilot Gig Championships + TO THE NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM CORNWALL where Petra Greenhalgh visits the new exhibition to celebrate Olympian achievements afloat + TO CAPE COD USA where Kathy Mansfield sails the Tony Dias-designed Arey's Pond Daysailer and previews this year¹s WoodenBoat Show + TO MYSTIC SEAPORT USA where Ships Plans curator Maria Bernier introduces a handful of their hundreds of small boat designs. MEANWHILE, BACK EAST, WE DISCOVER... THE WORLD OF THE LOBSTER; Ron Valent sails a new dayboat supplied in kit form + HOW TO BUILD THE COOT; Joe Rielly constructs the clinker plywood Andrew Wolstenholme cat-rigged dinghy + SALTERNS BOATBUILDERS TELA, a sprightly gaff sloop sailed by Judy Brickhill + ALL ABOUT EPOXIES: David Parker and SP's Martin Armstrong finish the have more answers than you have questions. NOT FORGETTING... TWO NEW GRAND DESIGNS from New Zealand designer John Welsford and how to create your own grand design with Ian Nicolson

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