Water Craft 48 = november-december 2004

Water Craft 48      =      november-december 2004
BREST & DOUARNENEZ ­ Kathy and Emily Mansfield report from the two great French festivals of traditional sail and more besides. THE BOAT IN A BAG ­ It may be a boat you can take to bed with you, as claimed but it presents our intrepid interviewer Alive Driscoll with a rare challenge. BUILDING LUCY ­ How amateur boatbuilder Nick Hanbury built the Swallow dayboat which won not one but two awards at this year's Beale Park Boat Show. TURNING THE TIDE - Kathy Mansfield reports from the Outer Hebrides on the Grimsay Boat Project which has given fresh impetus to traditional boatbuilding. ATLANTIC CHALLENGE 2004 - Water Craft's tame gig rower Annabel Lee reports on the biennial gathering of even bigger gigs. RAID FINLAND 2004 - Unlike the big festivals, 'Raids' for small boats are family-size events but they're just as international. From Moscow, Mikhail Markov and his sons sailed and rowed with crews from all round Europe. TRAILING & SAILING - The boat trailer is a vehicle you don't use every day, which makes a proper maintenance regime more important. Fortunately, David Parker is on the ball. And on the chassis. And on... BUILDING CAPE HENRY 21 - More dangly bits. This time: the centreboard. DESIGN YOUR BOAT with Ian Nicolson on a round-bilge rowing boat. GRAND DESIGNS - Andrew Wolstenholme's new steam launch ...

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