Water Craft 49 = januari-februari 2005

Water Craft 49      =      januari-februari 2005
VARIATIONS ON THE SHARPIE ­ Mark Fitzgerald of Chuck Paine Yacht Design describes his slender and slippery schooner-rigged sharpie Floridays and Mike Hanyi reports on Wabi, Gilles Montaubin's latest cat-rigged dayboat which, strictly speaking, may or may not be a sharpie but at Raid Finland, no-one could keep up with her long enough to find out.
ONLY A VICAR WOULD CHOOSE A BOAT FOR ITS POTENTIAL AS HIS OWN COFFIN ­ Kathy Mansfield goes tight-tacking with Norfolk's Rev Nev.
THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL ­ It is when you make your own 1:6 scale copper boat nails and roves to fasten planks of home-made plywood less than 1mm thick, says full-size-boatbuilder Dick Phillips when he meets boatbuilder-in-miniature Len Slater.
WHEN YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY BUILT A RIVER THAMES SKIFF, WHERE DO YOU TURN FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT? Furniture maker David Jones went to Oslo to learn about Viking Ships and then came back to build one himself ­ at the bottom of his garden in Hounslow.
REMEMBER THAT JAUNTY LITTLE JUNK-RIGGED POCKET CRUISER DESIGNED BY PAUL FISHER WHICH HE DESCRIBED IN W47? Well, as promised ­ if a little late ­ Nick Croome now gives a blow by blow account of her build, one piece at a time.
ALL THIS AND... TWO NEW PULLING BOATS designed by Iain Oughtred... HOW TO DESIGN YOUR OWN PULLING BOAT with Ian Nicolson... THE COLOURFUL JANGADAS OF BRAZIL with Kathy Mansfield... GEAR & TRAILER T/L/C with David Parker...

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