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Water Craft 49 = januari-februari 2005

VARIATIONS ON THE SHARPIE ­ Mark Fitzgerald of Chuck Paine Yacht Design describes his slender and slippery schooner-rigged sharpie Floridays and Mike Hanyi reports on Wabi, Gilles Montaubin's latest cat-rigged dayboat which, strictly speaking, may or may not be a sharpie but at Raid Finland, no-one could keep up with her long enough to find out. ONLY A VICAR WOULD CHOOSE A BOAT FOR ITS POTENTIAL AS HIS OWN COFFIN ­ Kathy Mansfield goes tight-tacking with Norfolk's Rev Nev. THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL ­ It is when you make your own 1:6 scale copper boat nails and roves to fasten planks of home-made plywood less than 1mm thick, says full-size-boatbuilder Dick Phillips when he meets boatbuilder-in-miniature Len Slater. WHEN YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY BUILT A RIVER THAMES SKIFF, WHERE DO YOU TURN FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT? Furniture maker David Jones went to Oslo to learn about Viking Ships and then came back to build one himself ­ at the bottom of his garden in Hounslow. REMEMBER THAT JAUNTY LITTLE JUNK-RIGGED POCKET CRUISER DESIGNED BY PAUL FISHER WHICH HE DESCRIBED IN W47? Well, as promised ­ if a little late ­ Nick Croome now gives a blow by blow account of her build, one piece at a time. ALL THIS AND... TWO NEW PULLING BOATS designed by Iain Oughtred... HOW TO DESIGN YOUR OWN PULLING BOAT with Ian Nicolson... THE COLOURFUL JANGADAS OF BRAZIL with Kathy Mansfield... GEAR & TRAILER T/L/C with David Parker...

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Water Craft 50 = maart-april 2005

STEAM ON THE THAMES - Kathy Mansfield is on home territory with this album of lean and elegant craft whose brasswork outshines their brightwork
• BUILDING URSULA - Julian Garratt worked alongside professional wooden boatbuilder Bob Fenton to build his own steam saloon launch
• DESIGNING FOR STEAM - From Canada, Paul Gartside marries modern thinking to time-honoured proportions
• THE AGE OF STEAM - even the editor gets involved, finding inspiration in short sea coasters and the steam tugs that used to tow or push Tom Puddings. PLUS... TRAILING & SAILING - David Parker helps you get ready to roll
• ELISABETH - Rik Homan's delightful lifeboat-style dayboat from the Netherlands
• SAILING SWALLOW - Judy Brickhill tests Andrew Wolstenholme's ply-epoxy dayboat. AND LOTS OF BOATBUILDING... BUILDING SWALLOW THE TRADITIONAL WAY - Over in the Netherlands again where a clinker version of Swallow was Jan Smit's first-ever boatbuilding project
• LEARNING FROM THE LONGSHIPS - David Jones continues construction of his modern Viking vessel
• BUILDING THE CAPE HENRY 21 - Our Art Editor Peter Goad is already planking up his plywood pocket gaffer.

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Water Craft 51 = mei-juni 2005

IF SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL, IS REALLY SMALL REALLY BEAUTIFUL? In France, Kathy Mansfield gets the l’eaudown on water-ballasted versions of tiny workboats with tall rigs
• LOVE ME TENDER At Beale Park, Alice Driscoll sails beneath a novel crab claw sail in an innovative hybrid between lifeboat and tender
• ROOM AT THE TOP Inspired by Phil Bolger’s Queen Mab, Christer Bystrom has room to build not one but two boats in the family room of his 3rd floor apartment in northern Sweden PLUS... TRAILING & SAILING David Parker is on a roll
• INTRODUCING THE NORSEBOAT In the USA, Mike Hanyi tries out the new Chuck Paine-designed dayboat, ideal for Sail & Oar Raids and camp cruising
• A WHALEBOAT FOR THE 21st CENTURY When age finally overtook his venerable Montagu Whaler, George Trevelyan imported a GRP Whaleboat hull built by Edey & Duff in the USA to be fitted out in high-tech fashion by Henwood & Dean on the Thames. FITTING OUT & FIXING UP... FITTING OUT SARA Richard Powell, originator of Robbins Timber¹s hollow mast system, makes the spars for his own sailing canoe
• FITTING OUT URSULA Same theme; different propulsion Julian Garratt installs the steam plant
• REPAIRING STRIP PLANK It¹s an amateur-friendly method of boatbuilding but how easy for an amateur to repair? Colin Freeman is forced to find out.

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Water Craft 52 = juli-augustus 2005

IT'S ALWAYS THE QUIET ONES which have most appeal when you aim for environmentally-friendly boating: sailing boats, rowing boats and electric boats. UNDER SAIL we have: THE NEW KITTIWAKE 16 ­ Dick Phillips sails the latest gaff-rigged GRP family dayboat from Roger Wilkinson • la SEMAINE du GOLFE ­ Kathy Mansfield joins the fleet of small craft at this novel week afloat on the Gulf of Morbihan plus UN MATELOT ANGLAIS, Roger Barnes of the Dinghy Cruising Association, describes sailing at la Semaine ­ and being papped! UNDER OAR... Well, to be honest not so much in this issue but we do have a wonderfully colouful feature from Kathy on la VELALONGA, the international sailing race around the lagoon of Venice which presages la VOGALONGA, the rowing race through the Venetian canals ­ for which you'll just have to wait for W53! UNDERWAY with only the sounds of the water... one of the UK's leading boat designers, Andrew Wolstenholme, offers his CURRENT THINKING ON ELECTRIC BOATS, from simple dinghies with electric outboards through purpose-designed launches up to an 85' (26m) solar-powered passenger craft. PLUS... RESTORATION DRAMAS ­ Sometimes it pays to let the professionals do it. For example, the BEAVER-STERN RIVER LAUNCH rebuilt from stem to stern and the little POCKET GAFFER so pretty they restored her twice. NOT FORGETTING... TRAILING & SAILING ­ David Parker is going foreign • ON THE BALL ­ Our editor gets hitched • GRAND DESIGNS ­ Ideal for the Morbihan: a new cruising dinghy from New Zealand designer JOHN WELSFORD. AND, OF COURSE GEAR, DESIGNING YOUR OWN BOAT, BEAUTIFUL PEAGREEN BOATS...

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Water Craft 53 = september-oktober 2005

For our SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2005 issue, we welcomed a GUEST ARTISTE ­ while Water Craft's regular Art Man, Peter Goad, spent the summer lazing at the Porth Navas Yacht Club, graphic designer LOO HILLIER manfully drove our Big Mac... Here's what she designed: They say that sails in Wales are usually when it hails, so what better place to look for THE PERFECT STORM? Matt and Nick Newland of Swallowboats have done their jaunty double-ended Storm dayboat at 15' (4.6m) and 17' (5.2m) and now there's a 19' (5.8m) version, which Judy Brickhill sailed...... in Wales. HOW WAS IT FOR YOU? The spring boat show near Pangbourne has re-invented itself as the BEALE PARK THAMES BOAT SHOW but that doesn't mean it's now all about floating caravans nose-to-tailing up and down the river, says Pete Greenfield. And don't tell him that when it comes to backyard boatbuilding THE LABOUR AND THE WOUNDS ARE VAIN. He wants you all to join in with his hymn of praise to the entrants in Water Craft's AMATEUR BOATBUILDING AWARDS 2005. Talking of backyard boatbuilders... THE SHIP THAT FLEW is a classic children's book by Hilda Lewis about a model Viking ship which grows to full size and... But backyard boatbuilder David Jones had not even read it when he decided he needed to lift his own miniature longship right over his house. LA VOGALONGA ­ no, not the Velalonga, that's the race under sail on the Venetian lagoon, which we featured in W52. This is the Vogalonga which happens one week later and is a race through the canals of Venice under oar for every kind of rowing boat you can think of, from Gondolas to Cornish gigs and American whaleboats. Kathy Mansfield was there with her camera. GROW YOUR OWN BOAT Steve Graham visits a course where you can build a traditional Irish currach from grown hazel 'wands', timber from a demolition contractor's skip and old bedspreads from the local charity shop. And you thought you couldn't afford to build your own boat! PLUS... GRAND DESIGNS ­ this time featuring a fast and fascinating pedal-powered river skiff created by.... Nick and Matt Newland of Swallowboats. AND TOOLS ON TEST, GEAR, DESIGNING YOUR OWN BOAT, BEAUTIFUL PEAGREEN BOATS... BUT NOT FORGETTING OUR PREVIEW OF THE SOUTHAMPTON BOAT SHOW, featuring a brand new wooden pilot cutter under construction and a new GRP double-ended dayboat... called Storm.... from Matt and Nick Newland of Swallowboats. (What the hell: they've had so many plugs already, you may as well go to

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Water Craft 54 = november-december 2005

In our NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2005 issue, we celebrate the start of the BACKYARD BOATBUILDING SEASON with.... THE BEST OF THREE? In modern wooden boatbuilding ­ ie not going into the wild woods with your trusty axe but going into the wild epoxy vendors with your trusty credit card ­ there are a few main ways to build a boat. There's clinker plywood which is glueing overlapping planks of plywood together. There's cold moulding, which is effectively making your own boat-shaped piece of plywood by glueing veneers together. And there's strip planking which using small-section strips of ... er... planking to create the hull shell. So which method is best for the amateur? We asked backyard boatbuilder David Burdett to compare and contrast. It was clinker plywood for amateur Tony Deane when he began BUILDING A NESS BOAT, the Iain Oughtred designed double-ender, in Australia. It was plywood seam-batten construction for Water Craft's elusive Art Editor Peter Goad when he was BUILDING THE CAPE HENRY 21, his pocket gaffer. It was plywood 'egg-box' construction for boat designer Arend Lambrechtsen when he created LITTLE NELL as the ultimate Raid boat. What's a Raid? John and Lainey Widdaker have been on 5 Raids around Europe so they ought to know. Their most recent was Raid Finland: a long way to trail a boat so they flew there and hired one. PLUS... GRAND DESIGNS ­ An electric launch for the Lake District created by Andrew Wolstenholme and John C Harris designs a plywood sailing pram for kit builders. AND ROUTERS ON TEST, GEAR, DESIGNING YOUR OWN BOAT and this year at the Southhampton Boat Show, HAD THEY RE-INVENTED THE SHALLOP?

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Water Craft 55 = januari-februari 2006

NEW YEAR, NEW LOOK! Not so new that you will not recognise our JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2006 issue when it appears in all good UK newsagents from 15 December but we are putting out the flags to celebrate our 10th year of publication. We¹ll also have a brighter cover colour and more easily-read fonts inside. And there¹ll be more emphasis on our favourite themes: Designing Boats, Building Boats and Using Boats. DESIGNING BOATS: From Devon, Ed Burnett introduces his gaff cutter Frolic and from Canada, Paul Gartside presents a 4-seasons motor cruiser. And Steve Graham meets Graeme Hawksley, designer of an innovative hybrid diesel-electric auxiliary drive for his new steel Wylo cruising yacht. BUILDING BOATS: In the UK, Chris Yardley restores a virtually written-off Heron dinghy. In Amsterdam, Paul and Froukje Hamaker give their baby Livia the right start in life with a Cradle Boat. At college in Cork, Anne Barry builds a Œbaby bagger¹ ­ a strip-plank version of a New York Bay sandbagger. And we announce Water Craft¹s annual Amateur Boatbuilding Awards to be held at the Beale Park Thames Boat show in June. USING BOATS: Regular contributor Dick Phillips and irregular art editor Peter Goad sail the CAPE CUTTER 19. Kathy Mansfield presents Sail Caledonia in pictures ­ and a close-up of Juan Pablo Olaberria¹s Raid boat inspired by a traditional Spanish batela. ALL THIS and camellia oil, sailmakers¹ sewing machines and a steam outboard.

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Water Craft 56 = maart-april 2006

A RAID? WHAT'S A RAID?: It's the question sailors have been asking since Charles-Henri le Moing introduced these competitive sail-and-oar cruises-in-company 10 years ago. Here he explains how they started, how they grew and where they're going. THE OLD MASTER: It's over 70 years since Bob Budge began building boats on the Thames and at Peter Freebody Boatbuilders, he's building them still. HAVE A BREAK. HAVE A CAT KIT: James Wharram and Hanneke Boon have created a new GRP ­ yes, glass ­ catamaran you can build from a kit and trail to distant waters. Judy Brickhill had to sail her and inevitably picked a blowy day. BUILDING A TRADITIONAL FAERING: Amateur boatbuilder Colin Galloway builds one of Iain Oughtred's Scandinavian-style designs the old-fashioned way. BUILDING A MODERN SAILING CANOE: The inspiration may be Victorian but the techniques Jeff Broome used to design and build his prize-winning entry in our 2005 Amateur Boatbuilding Awards are very much of today. TAN TINGO: Kathy Mansfield discovers a modern Dutch version of the classic American Nahant Dory. BUILDING THE CAPE HENRY 21: The very model of a modern gaffer ­ the boat, that is, not our artman Peter Goad who sends this progress report on all those little jobs you just have to finish before you can turn the epoxy-plywood hull right side up. PLUS Matt Newland designs a modern Raid boat in GRAND DESIGNS, David Parker tests and inflatable roofrack ­ and much more in GEAR, Ian Nicolson continues his series on DESIGNING YOUR OWN BOAT and our editor explains how you can enter our 2006 AMATEUR BOATBUILDING AWARDS at the Beale Park Thames Boat Show

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Water Craft 57 = mei-juni 2006

In nummer 57 van Water Craft o.m.:

+ Drie bootbesprekingen w.o.:
- Storm 17
- Wee Seal II

+ Op stoomkracht over Franse wateren

+ De praktijk van het bouwen met o.m.:
- De bouw van een zeilkano met behulp van een pakket van Jordan Boats
- Vorderingen in de bouw van de schitterende Pinky (10 mtr.) naar ontwerp van Selway Fisher

+ Ontwerpen in de praktijk : Ian Nicolson bespreekt de installatie van de buitenboordmotor

+ In de serie 'Grand Designs' introduceert Paul Fisher een hele vloot Thames skiffs in overnaads verlijmd multiplex

+ en nog veel meer onderhoudende en lezenswaardige artikelen .....

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Water Craft 58 = juli-augustus 2006

In nummer 58 van Water Craft o.m.:
+ De nieuwe Drascombe Drifter
+ Varen op een stoomraderboot
+ Bouwbeschrijving van een overnaadse kano
+ Bespreking van de verschillende types poly-urethaanlijm voor de botenbouw
+ Ontwerpen in de praktijk : Ian Nicolson gaat verder over het ontwerpen van een roeiboot
+ In de serie 'Grand Designs': de raderstoomboten 'Minette'en 'Minerva'.
+ Milieu-overwegingen bij de bouw en restauratie van een boot.
+ en nog veel meer onderhoudende en lezenswaardige artikelen .....

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Water Craft 59 = september-oktober 2009

In nummer 59 van Water Craft o.m.:
+ Beale Park Boatshow in foto's
+ Sail Caledonia 2006; verslag van Kathy Mansfield
+ Proefvaart met een zes meter double-ender: de Longshore 19
+ Foto-verslag van het werk van leerlingen van de bootbouwschool in Lyme Regis
+ Nieuws over Water Craft's bootbouw-competitie 2006
+ De bouw van een Cornish Pilot Gig
+ Het verhaal achter het schip om de omslag: de Eltoraji
+ In de serie 'Grand Designs': Reuel Parker's Seabright 23
+ Ontwerper Ian Nicolson vervolgt zijn serie voor de ontwerper in de dop
+ en nog veel meer onderhoudende en lezenswaardige artikelen .....

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Water Craft 60 = november-december 2006

In nummer 60 van Water Craft o.m.:
+ Portsoy 2006: The Scottish Traditional Boatshow: verslag van Kathy Mansfield
+ Aan boord van een West Country Pilot Cutter
+ Varen met een Cornish tosher
+ Phil Bolger's "Moccasin" nog steeds een bron van inspiratie voor bouwers en zeilers
+ Deel II over de bouw van de Eltoraji
+ De bouw van de Cape Henry, deel 6
+ Een stitch & tape jolletje voor de kinderen
+ In de serie 'Grand Designs': Iain Oughtred vernieuwt zijn kano-ontwerpen
+ De Méaban: een schitterend klassiek kajuitjacht van de hand van François Vivier
+ Ontwerper Ian Nicolson vervolgt zijn serie voor de ontwerper in de dop
+ en nog veel meer onderhoudende en lezenswaardige artikelen .....

artikelnummer: 5279

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