Water Craft 51 = mei-juni 2005

Water Craft 51      =      mei-juni 2005
IF SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL, IS REALLY SMALL REALLY BEAUTIFUL? In France, Kathy Mansfield gets the l’eaudown on water-ballasted versions of tiny workboats with tall rigs • LOVE ME TENDER At Beale Park, Alice Driscoll sails beneath a novel crab claw sail in an innovative hybrid between lifeboat and tender • ROOM AT THE TOP Inspired by Phil Bolger’s Queen Mab, Christer Bystrom has room to build not one but two boats in the family room of his 3rd floor apartment in northern Sweden PLUS... TRAILING & SAILING David Parker is on a roll • INTRODUCING THE NORSEBOAT In the USA, Mike Hanyi tries out the new Chuck Paine-designed dayboat, ideal for Sail & Oar Raids and camp cruising • A WHALEBOAT FOR THE 21st CENTURY When age finally overtook his venerable Montagu Whaler, George Trevelyan imported a GRP Whaleboat hull built by Edey & Duff in the USA to be fitted out in high-tech fashion by Henwood & Dean on the Thames. FITTING OUT & FIXING UP... FITTING OUT SARA Richard Powell, originator of Robbins Timber¹s hollow mast system, makes the spars for his own sailing canoe • FITTING OUT URSULA Same theme; different propulsion Julian Garratt installs the steam plant • REPAIRING STRIP PLANK It¹s an amateur-friendly method of boatbuilding but how easy for an amateur to repair? Colin Freeman is forced to find out. NOT FORGETTING... GEAR, DESIGNING YOUR OWN BOAT, BEAUTIFUL PEAGREEN BOATS... AND... OUR PREVIEW OF THE NEW BEALE PARK THAMES BOAT SHOW, 10-12 JUNE

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