Water Craft 52 = juli-augustus 2005

Water Craft 52      =      juli-augustus 2005
IT'S ALWAYS THE QUIET ONES which have most appeal when you aim for environmentally-friendly boating: sailing boats, rowing boats and electric boats. UNDER SAIL we have: THE NEW KITTIWAKE 16 ­ Dick Phillips sails the latest gaff-rigged GRP family dayboat from Roger Wilkinson • la SEMAINE du GOLFE ­ Kathy Mansfield joins the fleet of small craft at this novel week afloat on the Gulf of Morbihan plus UN MATELOT ANGLAIS, Roger Barnes of the Dinghy Cruising Association, describes sailing at la Semaine ­ and being papped! UNDER OAR... Well, to be honest not so much in this issue but we do have a wonderfully colouful feature from Kathy on la VELALONGA, the international sailing race around the lagoon of Venice which presages la VOGALONGA, the rowing race through the Venetian canals ­ for which you'll just have to wait for W53! UNDERWAY with only the sounds of the water... one of the UK's leading boat designers, Andrew Wolstenholme, offers his CURRENT THINKING ON ELECTRIC BOATS, from simple dinghies with electric outboards through purpose-designed launches up to an 85' (26m) solar-powered passenger craft. PLUS... RESTORATION DRAMAS ­ Sometimes it pays to let the professionals do it. For example, the BEAVER-STERN RIVER LAUNCH rebuilt from stem to stern and the little POCKET GAFFER so pretty they restored her twice. NOT FORGETTING... TRAILING & SAILING ­ David Parker is going foreign • ON THE BALL ­ Our editor gets hitched • GRAND DESIGNS ­ Ideal for the Morbihan: a new cruising dinghy from New Zealand designer JOHN WELSFORD. AND, OF COURSE GEAR, DESIGNING YOUR OWN BOAT, BEAUTIFUL PEAGREEN BOATS...

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