Water Craft 54 = november-december 2005

Water Craft 54      =      november-december 2005
In our NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2005 issue, we celebrate the start of the BACKYARD BOATBUILDING SEASON with.... THE BEST OF THREE? In modern wooden boatbuilding ­ ie not going into the wild woods with your trusty axe but going into the wild epoxy vendors with your trusty credit card ­ there are a few main ways to build a boat. There's clinker plywood which is glueing overlapping planks of plywood together. There's cold moulding, which is effectively making your own boat-shaped piece of plywood by glueing veneers together. And there's strip planking which using small-section strips of ... er... planking to create the hull shell. So which method is best for the amateur? We asked backyard boatbuilder David Burdett to compare and contrast. It was clinker plywood for amateur Tony Deane when he began BUILDING A NESS BOAT, the Iain Oughtred designed double-ender, in Australia. It was plywood seam-batten construction for Water Craft's elusive Art Editor Peter Goad when he was BUILDING THE CAPE HENRY 21, his pocket gaffer. It was plywood 'egg-box' construction for boat designer Arend Lambrechtsen when he created LITTLE NELL as the ultimate Raid boat. What's a Raid? John and Lainey Widdaker have been on 5 Raids around Europe so they ought to know. Their most recent was Raid Finland: a long way to trail a boat so they flew there and hired one. PLUS... GRAND DESIGNS ­ An electric launch for the Lake District created by Andrew Wolstenholme and John C Harris designs a plywood sailing pram for kit builders. AND ROUTERS ON TEST, GEAR, DESIGNING YOUR OWN BOAT and this year at the Southhampton Boat Show, HAD THEY RE-INVENTED THE SHALLOP?

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