Water Craft 56 = maart-april 2006

Water Craft 56      =      maart-april 2006
A RAID? WHAT'S A RAID?: It's the question sailors have been asking since Charles-Henri le Moing introduced these competitive sail-and-oar cruises-in-company 10 years ago. Here he explains how they started, how they grew and where they're going. THE OLD MASTER: It's over 70 years since Bob Budge began building boats on the Thames and at Peter Freebody Boatbuilders, he's building them still. HAVE A BREAK. HAVE A CAT KIT: James Wharram and Hanneke Boon have created a new GRP ­ yes, glass ­ catamaran you can build from a kit and trail to distant waters. Judy Brickhill had to sail her and inevitably picked a blowy day. BUILDING A TRADITIONAL FAERING: Amateur boatbuilder Colin Galloway builds one of Iain Oughtred's Scandinavian-style designs the old-fashioned way. BUILDING A MODERN SAILING CANOE: The inspiration may be Victorian but the techniques Jeff Broome used to design and build his prize-winning entry in our 2005 Amateur Boatbuilding Awards are very much of today. TAN TINGO: Kathy Mansfield discovers a modern Dutch version of the classic American Nahant Dory. BUILDING THE CAPE HENRY 21: The very model of a modern gaffer ­ the boat, that is, not our artman Peter Goad who sends this progress report on all those little jobs you just have to finish before you can turn the epoxy-plywood hull right side up. PLUS Matt Newland designs a modern Raid boat in GRAND DESIGNS, David Parker tests and inflatable roofrack ­ and much more in GEAR, Ian Nicolson continues his series on DESIGNING YOUR OWN BOAT and our editor explains how you can enter our 2006 AMATEUR BOATBUILDING AWARDS at the Beale Park Thames Boat Show

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